Splat Pest Control - False dreams for everyone


they tell teenagers that live 1500 miles away from there homes to work for a company that is a scam.they tell its this and its that its all *** they lie to the reps to make them lie to the customers its terrible the owners are jokes the GM is a joke he yells and talks bad to old people too yo can see that in a comment from a different complaint.

There product is a lie it doesnt work they dont really treat the bugs that you have a problem with they just ask to make it seem like they are taking care of your problem.

save your money they will say anything to get you into there money trap.there technicians dont even have licences.

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Splat Pest Control - Horrible Company

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2 comments
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This company has horrible owners, horrible management and some of the technicians arent even licensed.They sell false hopes, the way they describe the service when they knock on your door and try to lie to you is not what is actually being done to your house.

The chemicals they use are dilated, they dont provide the full service, their customer service is awful and theyre more expensive than the major pest control companys in the area.

You are locked into a contract with a cancellation fee that they fail to tell you about and they sometimes miss services but will still bill you for them.

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Gonzales, Louisiana, United States #722844

Yeah an their general manager insulted one of my neighbors poor old man tht lives by himself wante the inside done and the gm just started callin him all kinds of names sounds like a big scam of a company to me

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #719541

I am sorry Terry had a bad experience selling for SPLAT. We are an honest company that provides quality service at an affordable price. We are not perfect, but given the opportunity we do all we can to take care of our customers.

We follow very closely the laws and regulations of Louisiana pest control, so any comments to the contrary just aren't true.

Splat pest control sevice is not what they say

Overland Park, Kansas 1 comment

Cueenrtly I have more spiders and bugs inside than outside.They only sprayed once inside since they strated four mths ago.

They draft funds when they feel like it. We said we were gonna cancel and they now say its a $35 dolars charge to do so. The origial sales rep told us if we didn't like service just cancel at anytime. But he is no longer with the company.

I asked to speak with owner but she says he doesn't take call. Wow owner not concern about customers. So why would employees. If I have to pay the new folks to take record spidders playing in my home.

I will do that.

Not to talk about my dog having double the tic that she had before.But they say maybe she went where she doesn't usually go.

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #719545

Just saw this comment. SPLAT Pest Control does not have any operations in Kansas, so this comment may be regarding another company.

Splat pest control sprays weak poison

Saint Amant, Louisiana 3 comments
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Update by user Oct 10, 2011

We cancelled the contract with Splat Pest Control and they tried to charge us a cancellation fee when they did not properly do their job.

Original review posted by user Sep 09, 2011

In August 2011,I had a contract with Splat Pest Control of Baton Rouge, La.and I was told by a representative they would expell insects that I was having problems with coming from the outdoors; upon them treating the problem, the poison had no affect on the pests.

I had an ant pile move from one place to the next.

They were suppose to take 75.00 dollars every other month out of my account and instead they were taking my money every month.

Beware of this company because they are rip-offs and they spray watery poison that has no affect!

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Walker, Louisiana, United States #771618

The some thing happened to me!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #719554

Just saw these comments. I did want to respond though. We work really hard to make sure our customers are happy. After all without satisfied customers we don't have much of a business :-)

At SPLAT we do offer a guarantee. We will come out in-between regularly scheduled visits to retreat at no charge if we need to. We do do reservices because we are committed to taking care of people's bugs. Sometimes though we are not given the opportunity to take care of people's concerns. In these cases our hands are tied.

Again, I don't know the specifics surrounding these particular posts, but we take very seriously our commitment to help in controlling people's critters!

As far as doing an every other month service (which is what we typically do) and charging the customer every month, this just does not happen. There might have been an isolated mistake we made (again can't comment specifically on this post), but as a normal practice, that is just not true.

Also FYI, when we destroy an ant mound and another one pops up, it isn't that the mound moved, it is just that another one formed completely independent of the one we got rid of. There are a lot of fire ants in Louisiana, and we are getting them one mound at a time :-)

to SPLAT Pest ***trol #741079

shut the *** up none of that *** is true

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